Treating Peyronie's Disease with Penis Extenders

You may not be familiar with term Peyronie's disease, but it refers to a curvature of the penis.  Unfortunately, many men who have this do not do something about it for various reasons.  They may be embarrassed or think that there is nothing that can be done to rectify the situation.

In an effort to solve this problem, medical practitioners came up with what is commonly called the penis extender.  This is a device that will gently stretch the penis over time in order to facilitate an increase in size or to correct curvature of the penis.  Originally, this was only used to treat men who suffered from micro penis or Peyronie's disease but they are now available to the general public.

Extenders work because they will apply traction to the tissues in the penis.  The result is that there is cell duplication in the tissues that are being stretched.  This has been shown to work effectively on the cells located in the corpora cavernosa.  These two cylindrical bodies fill with blood when the penis becomes erect.

When it comes to treating Peyronie's disease, Penis Extenders like SizeGenetics are particularly effective.  This is a product that has a comfort strap which fits over the corona of the penis, gently pulling it outwards over long periods of time.  This is one of the best products available because it is comfortable to wear and can be easily used underneath your clothing or while resting.

Peyronie’s disease is a result of having less tissue on one side of the penis, causing it to be curved when erect.  The straightening effect of an extender like SizeGenetics will cause the side with fewer cells to be stretched slightly more, causing a increase in the number of cells on that side.  No matter which direction your penis curves towards, the extender will work effectively to straighten it.

It is not necessary to go in for expensive and risky surgery in order to fix Peyronie’s disease.  Procedures do exist but they have been shown to create other problems including difficulty in getting and maintaining an erection.  That's why products like SizeGenetics have been developed.  They provide a solution to the problem that can be used in the privacy of your own home without visits to the doctor or even having anybody else know about it.  Along with the straightening comes the increase in both length and thickness that many men are looking for

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Curvature Correction with Vimax Extender
Clinical studies regarding this matter has shown the following results:

  • Correction of up to 75% in Penile deviations and curvatures
  • Reduction in discomfort during intercourse
  • Improved confidence and self-image

Maybe you have had this problem with a curved penis for a long time? Or your partner may have it. There are in fact only two known solutions today;
a) Visit a doctor
b) Try the Jes Extender.

Treatment for Curved Penis The Jes-Extender has furthermore been proven more successful for the permanent treatment of curved penises and Peyronie's disease, than some surgical treatments. The test results, are carried out by Doctor J. Ruiz-Romero and Doctor J. Ponce de León Roca, of Barcelona, Spain

ProExtender System
Right now, the best-documented and most successful self-treatments available are in the form of traction devices, perhaps combined with a course of Vitamin E therapy. Highly successful corrective devices like the ProExtender™ work by gently applying consistent, measured traction to the penis to counteract the hardening of scar tissue while building the penis's straight-arrow dimensions. The device can be worn discreetly under clothing (even at work, if a man has a low-exertion job) and needs to be applied consistently for a course of months.

Vimax System
With Vimax System you get:

o Vimax Extender
o 2 Rubber straps
o Instruction
o 2 Protection pads
o Travel bag
o Cohesive gauze
o Vimax Pills!
o Liquid RX Plus!
o Penis enlargement excercises

Vimax System

The use of Vimax System in patients presenting with penis curvature began after these studies. Results were also spectacular, with curvature improvement being observed in between 50% and 90% of all patients studied. This means that patients can anticipate improvement of curvature, in some cases up to 90%, without the need for any surgical procedure and while avo id ing all such potential complications as post-operative retraction.




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