The Best Penis Extenders in the Market (Update )

A small penis can be a source of great insecurity for a man. Men who have this problem often fears of being inadequate compared to his more “blessed” peers, and are also afraid that they will not be able to please the woman they love in the sexual department. Human society, for centuries, has placed the admirable values of masculinity and virility on the size of a man’s genitals. So it is understandable that men—regardless of race, age, and class—feel insecure about the size of their penis.

There are a good number of products sold offline and online that promise fast and effective penis enlargement. Recently, we have conducted a SizeGenetics review to discover the effectiveness of this product. SizeGenetics is a brand of penis extenders—and it is fast gaining popularity among men who are looking for ways to add a couple of inches to their penises.

Basically, a penis extender is a kind of device that promotes the lengthening and thickening of the penis. But it is not a penis pump—which uses vacuum to draw more blood to the penis to give the illusion of engorgement. Blood in the penis will make the organ longer and harder—but once the erection (the condition that causes the lengthening) subsides, the effects that the device “produce” will also go away. Penis extenders are clinically proven to work and medically approved for human use. They are the best way—at least for now—to achieve the goal of a permanently longer and thicker penis.

SizeGenetics is easily one of the best brands out there. Their penis extenders are made from medical grade materials that will assure the comfort and safety of the user. We have also looked into another popular brand. And according to the findings of our X4 Labs review, this is a great brand to buy from. Like SizeGenetics, the brand offers not only a device made from excellent materials, but also extras like DVDs (for penile exercises that you can use to fully maximize the effects of the device, as well as video tips to enhance and improve one’s sexual life), online access to exclusive websites and web forums, and informative manuals and pamphlets (to use the products properly). So if you are looking for a good penis extender to help you gain self-esteem and get over your insecurities, you cannot go wrong with SizeGenetics and X4 Labs.


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