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Penis Extenders Naturally Stretch Tissue for Increased Size

A variety of different methods are marketed to help men gain increases in the size of their penis.  There are many different techniques, but it is apparent that penis extenders are going to provide the best results and do so safely.

 If you are familiar with the process of traction in the body, it has been used in the past to lengthen stunted limbs.  It is also very common in cosmetic surgery and has been used to increase the size of skin grafts.  It is effective because it stretches tissue over time in a gentle way and causes the cells in that region of the body to duplicate.  One of the major advantages of traction is that the results are permanent.

Products like the ProExtender will take advantage of this ability that the body has to increase tissue size.  This extender is particularly popular and has been endorsed by the medical community.  That is because it was originally developed to help men who suffer from micro penis or Peyronie’s disease.  Micro penis is a situation where the erect penis is is generally 1 inch or less in length.  Peyronie’s disease is a curvature of the penis.

It may be more intuitive to see how this can help men to increase the size of their penis, but it is the correction of curvature that may require some more explanation.  Naturally, there are fewer cells and less tissue on one side of the penis and that causes the curvature.  A natural gentle pulling will put more outward pressure on the part of the organ that is shorter.  That means that the device can be used no matter what the orientation of the curvature may be.

Different options can be used to try and increase the size of the penis but they often have shortcomings.  Surgery is not particularly effective, can result in complications and is prohibitively expensive for most men.  That’s why it is not very popular.  Pills are also available that will increase blood flow but they don’t do much to encourage an increase in size.

 Using an extender like the Male Edge Extender not only provides substantial results but it is quite easy.  By using the device for a few hours a day and wearing it comfortably under clothing or at night men will experience an increase in both the length of their penis and in the thickness.  After about a month to two, results begin to appear and after 4 to 6 months they become particularly noticeable.

Penis Enlargement Devices are the only method that is approved by the medical community and there are various scientific studies that have consistently proven its effectiveness.
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